Monday, July 17, 2017

Instructions for Repairing People

Use caution when picking someone apart
if you think it is to mend them or fix them.
 While critically analyzing every function
and trying to spit shine each useful part,
their entire being splayed open, exposed
you let their essence slip away unnoticed.
If you get their innards wrenched outward
on display for your personal inspection
their intestinal fortitude shuts down.
With guts turned off, lying there broken
their light now just sparks you're holding,
may I remind you of these instructions
which came from our maker? It's Golden.
Love one another, be kind, have patience.
God was aware, so are all the king's men,
it's hard to put someone back together again. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

What did the universe smell like?

When our Creator sensed
the first smell that was, I wonder
What scent do you think it was?
Was it like French Toast,
or Hot Rolls with butter?
Or maybe burnt gunpowder,
fireworks in a cool July shower?
Was it fresh dirt and dew drops?
Or was it like lavender and mint?
Perhaps it was what we got,
our own Mother's scent?
Absent of other senses to relate;
whole immersion. Complete
and impossible to translate.
I gave smelling great thought,
with my senses, all five,
so I could explain here a smell,
and yet still I cannot describe.
Sweet, musky, burnt or acrid,
these terms are not to define
and will be known only
by what our memories find.

Living Water into Wine

I am
self-expression for
the Almighty himself.
To be complete, in full
myself, in tragic,fatal totality
is to be the best parts of God's
greatest masterpiece. The sum of
him. As I am the sum of all I have and
made, said or did, so are we, this to him.
I am the bittersweet creative juices that flow
from the hard pressed fruits of my trials and error,
being pruned by my creator as if those are his shears.
Grown organically in his garden by the Father himself,
on a vine personally tended by his good Shepard and Sun.
The bugs and the blight, the rot and the strife, withered by fear
the enemy wants to claim my place and my life, wants me clipped
and tossed out, thrown to the ground. But He has foreknown the time
I will be plucked ripe, then mashed down, where my living water turns to wine.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Your Birthday, so what?

Yes, it's your birthday.
So what? You were born.
Beginning the same way
everybody was formed.

Here's some news,
though not new to you
Your birth was no more
unique than the rest.

We all start in like manner,
now forgive my candor,
but we'll each rot in the dirt
or be ash for decanter.

It's not the day of our birth
or the sign of our sun
it's the waves we create
the ripples in the pond.

Objects in motion
tend to stay in motion,
unless acted on by a force,
but that force is not death.

Dying only moves you
out of the way, so
all the waves you create
become future, time & space.

Your birthday means nothing,
it's what your everyday makes
in a lifetime before death
seizes your fate.

A Heart Divided

Without a word
I would win you over
But that quiet demeanor
is reserved for a husband
Not for some guy I have over.

Such a confusing state
playing house and pretend
to act as if, only without.
Walk on this journey with you,
Still doubting our place.

With no 'where' to begin
how can we expect a happy end?
If we stay on the fence
how will we ever get in?

Without The Word
we'll do this over and over
adding to this dissonance
like making words
without consonants.

 A house built
on a heart divided
falls apart, not in love
So unless and until you've decided
Love me still, but move out.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Open Door

I didn't know my own strength
And then it hit me,

So I turned the other cheek
And the enemy charged,

Right into my warm embrace
And it then pushed me away,

But I had already let it go
And then it came stalking,

I waved asking 'how do ya do?'
And then it finally asked me,

Why can't I get to you?
And wind blew the door open.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Religion vs. God

Would you be surprised if I told you religion and God have very little to do with one another? Or that going to church does not make you Christian? What if I said you would be closer to the truth if you threw away everything you ever knew about "God" and "Jesus," and turned everything you have learned about religion upside down on its ass? This is the simple truth however.

As I tried to explain the powers of the universe to my twelve year old son, who claims already to be an atheist,  I asked him what or who God was. He described a man with a white beard who lives up on a cloud with a magic staff, who controls people and grants wishes, or 'prayers.' In that case, I replied, I did not believe in the same god that he did not believe in. When I inquired into his beliefs about the universal field of energy in which we all share, he disclosed his belief about "The Force."

"'The Force,' you call it?...That's God!", I told him. He then asked me,"Why do you have to call it God?" My response was, "If you call that door a refrigerator and I call it a door, then how the heck are we gonna know what we're talking about? So it goes with "The Force," we just call it "God," or about it we would not be able to talk." ;-)
He laughed and seemed ok with this.

Mislabeling the unnameable. An oxymoron, and just the tip of the paradoxical iceberg that is "God." Unfortunate that most adults have the same problem as my son. Growing up with Christian picture bibles (ahem..graven images?), cartoons about Merlin the Magician and fantastical figure types like Santa Clause, it's no wonder that many rational minded adults reach a point in their spiritual quest when they just can't swallow the story they have been handed.

This is a good place to begin. Don't swallow it! Seek the truth and you shall find it. Blindly accepting what we do not understand, is where mass mind control starts. Don't take your pastor's word for what the word means. Don't believe what you hear about the Bible. As soon as a person speaks "God's Word," it is no longer God's Word. Another paradox? Wasn't it a person who wrote "God's Word" in the first place?  Yes of course!

Too often, the Bible's words have been twisted and deformed to mesh with what we have been told to believe.  I was married to a devout atheist for many years, in fact I was an atheist too all those years. Coming to Christ meant I had to answer for myself all those tough questions that atheists (that I) had been throwing at Christians. Like "How did Noah get all those animals in the ark?" *

If what has been presented about religion and "God," does not sit well with you as "truth," then it probably isn't! I would call you to take up the challenge and dive in a lot deeper, until you find the truth in the Word. "Cause you know, sometimes words have two meanings," to quote Led Zeppelin.

I urge you: Don't let your uneasiness cause you to dismiss God's word. The Bible did not say, 'Seek untruth and you will find it'. Rather seek the way in which the word actually agrees with the calm simple truth you already know. You may be shocked at the revelations that unfold before you, but be warned, you may have to toss out everything you thought you knew...

*Hint: Noah was instructed to carry, two by two, one male and one female of every KIND of land dwelling, air breathing animal. Of the 36+ Phylum which make up the entire animal kingdom, only some of 2 Phylum meet this criteria. Phylum Anthropoda (mostly spiders, scorpions, etc.) and Chordata (of which humans are included)...Consider this; the cougar, lion, cheetah, bobcat and housecat are all what? Feline. Two felines. The wolf, fox, collie and terrier are what? K9. Two K9. Horses, zebras, mules, gazzelles...etc. Noah only needed two of each Kind. 


Be still for a moment and know. Trust yourself, because it's the same calm, simple truth which We All know.


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